Artist To Watch | Singer River Matthews



In spite of his brief music career, London singer River Matthews has captivated us with his latest single 'Sunshine', which has been recently included in BBC Radio 2’s B-list (beating Taylor Swift)!


River Matthews’s music flows from a timeless place. His distinctive voice creaks and rasps with extraordinary experience. But River is just getting warmed up, and has many more projects in the pipeline. Next month, he is headlining a tour, which starts in Amsterdam, continues through the UK, and ends in Ireland. Moreover, on January 26th he will be releasing his new album, 'Imogen'.


If you are into soul and folk then we recommend you keep an eye on this new artist and follow his work, as he seems to be just getting started.



What triggered the start of your music career? 

“I've played music on and off since my teens, but the career properly started nearly 2 years ago... after a chance meeting at a local gym, a love/hate relationship with a parked Bentley, and a pop song which was way too high.”



Who inspired you to become who you are?  

“So many people have inspired me to wanna sing; people like Otis Redding, Nina Simone... and a lot of people have inspired me to wanna write songs... Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, The Beatles... but I think the idea of doing it professionally is a massive mix of all that inspiration, and that feeling you get when you're in the middle of a song you love, and everything else just quietens down. And the thought that you maybe you could do that everyday.”



What would you have done if you hadn't become an artist? 

“When I was a kid I remember telling my mum how I was going to be a designer, and I'd be describing in detail how I'd line up all the pens on the desk! So that, or someone who lines other things up... I met a guy at a party once who's job was to paint all those lines on the road in a little buggy... he talked about it with loads of passion, so I might look into that.”



Your highest career achievement so far?

“Finishing the album. I'm pretty chuffed with it. It's due out end of this year ;)”



Is social media helping you promote your work?

“Yeah, whether you love the beast or not, it can really help connect with people who might not have otherwise. Someone sent me a video the other day of them singing a version of 'Feels Like Morning' to his new wife at their wedding! They live in America somewhere and picked up the tune via something social.”



What advice would you give other artists who want to get their music out there? 

“Just do it.”



What artists would you like to work with in the future?

“I'd really love to sing with Corinne Bailey Rae... she's just a beautiful thing. Ryan Adams is getting louder on the speakers these days... would be great to write something with him. But I'd really love to find a shit hot guitarist to work with... like a Keith Richards, with a clean driving license.”



Watch the acoustic version of 'Sunshine'


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