Usain Bolt x Enertor – The Perfect Collaboration

Usain Bolt x Enertor – The Perfect Collaboration 

Enertor, a 20-year-old insole company had been working with top-performing athletes almost since its inception. For years it’s helped The British Army stay injury-free and to perform better. But it wasn’t until 2016 that it attracted the ultimate ambassador for the brand, someone who believes in breaking the limits - Usain Bolt.


In a phone interview with Nick Beresford, one of the company founders, he explained that prior to 2016 the business had reached a point of stagnation. They needed someone who could bring in a fresh look, someone who could ‘change the perception of insoles in the consumer market’ and naturally Bolt was the number one option.


There was no hesitation at that point. Together with his partner, Nick decided to approach the world-renowned star and his medical team six months before the 2016 Rio Olympics. By some sort of unexpected luck (or not!), Bolt got back to them with feedback. He was so impressed by the technology that he not only became an advocate for the brand almost immediately, he also became a shareholder in the business.


Little after Bolt became the face for Enertor, the company launched a marketing campaign that saw the brand grow by almost 100% that same year. For the first time, Enertor ventured into producing a TV commercial that was aired on national TV at the time of the Olympics. The ad narrated an uplifting account of Bolt’s challenging journey as an athlete. This, coupled with the sound of his voice in first person and his motto ‘I don’t think limits neither should you’, gave Enertor the fresh look it needed.


Besides this major PR initiative, Enertor has maintained its commitment to their grass roots campaigns. They believe working with other athletes who are loyal to the product will help grow the business. In general partnering up with others who share the same values is a win-win situation, says Nick.


When asked what’s in the pipeline for Enertor in 2018, Nick tells us there will be many more collaborations and activations over the coming months with brands such as Footlocker, Strava and Redbull. He also says that social media marketing will continue to play an important role in their business strategy.



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