Model Charlotte Holmes takes over Adidas LDN for a week

Model Charlotte Holmes takes over Adidas LDN for a week

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Former Miss England, Charlotte Holmes now works as a fitness model and yoga teacher in London. Her talent and charisma have landed her opportunities with global brands, including her recent collaboration with Adidas that has been all over social media. We asked her to share her experience with us!


What did your collaboration with Adidas consist of?

I’ve been working alongside adidas for a few years now, this particular collaboration meant I had free reign to teach a class of my choice in their Adidas LDN studio on brick lane.


How did the opportunity come about?

It's been in the pipeline for a while now, they've been working closely with a few chosen influencers to bring new and exciting concepts and classes to the ladies that come along.


What did you enjoy the most from the campaign?

To be honest what I enjoyed the most was actually teaching the classes. The women that come along are all so positive and full of energy and willing to learn and push themselves to be stronger, fitter and faster.


What does it mean to you to work with a brand like adidas?

Ever since my first campaign with adidas a few years ago, I always have to pinch myself. They are a massive brand and it's an honour that they want me to be involved with anything they're doing.


Funniest and worst moment whilst filming?

Funniest and worst actually come together in one. I had to film the short video of workout moves for the teaser that went out before the class commenced, the day after I came back from Glastonbury Music Festival!!... Well, as you can imagine there was a lot of hair and makeup needed and many takes. That crow to plank jump isn't easy at the best of times!


How has social media helped you promote your work?

It's allowed me to express myself by myself - and for me that is totally unique.


If you were to choose another brand to work with, which one would you choose?

There are many brands that I'd love to work alongside, especially those that promote health, wellness and that are environmentally conscious.



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