We are crowdfunding!

Invest in a company that's already investing in you!

We are crowdfunding!
To all Artists, Managers, Brands and Agencies; 
Invest now in Artists Everywhere from as little as £100

We're very excited to announce that we are preparing a crowdfunding campaign to raise £125k and take Artists Everywhere to the next level. This crowdfunding campaign means YOU can INVEST and OWN equity in the company with an investment from as little as £100. And remember, as with a lot of crowdfunding campaigns if we don't hit our target you get all your money back.

Our aim is to establish Artists Everywhere as the 'go-to' influencer marketing platform for talent worldwide, and the essential tool for artists to promote their careers globally. Our platform indulges in influencer marketing concepts, whilst capitalising on crossover opportunities for both artists and brands; specifically in the music, sport, and fashion industries. We’re proud to have created a platform that is already revolutionising how talent is promoted and discovered, and that's why we call all Artists, Managers, Brands and Agencies out there to join us in our quest to revolutionise talent discovery. 

A ‘pre-registration page’ has just been launched where you can register your investment of any ticket size before the official campaign goes live, and don't forget if we don't hit our target you'll get all your money back.


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