What can influencers charge? What are brands willing to pay?

What can influencers charge? What are brands willing to pay? 

The data contained in the infographic is intended as a guideline and is advisory only. It does not take into account any engagement metrics that should be used for more in-depth conversations. 


Have you ever asked yourself how much should you charge as an influencer? Or how much should you pay as a brand? These are two questions that are sometimes worlds apart but we hope to shed some light over this growing topic in #influencermarketing.


Regardless of profession, influencer marketing has played a key role over the last few years and in 2018 it’s going to explode…


At ArtistsEverywhere® we've put together a rate card that is intended to provide guidance for both artists and brands entering this space.


Categories are based on total social media following counts; therefore the rate card serves as a quick and straightforward way to begin negotiating collaboration rates between parties.



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