The game's changed for artists & brands!


We’ve all read numerous articles about how tough it can be, financially, for emerging artists in their respective fields. From underpaid actors and models that have to juggle part-time jobs alongside castings and auditions, to sportspersons, such as tennis players who struggle on tour while unable to break-even. At the other end of the spectrum, there are the platinum artists, the 1% who are taking home the vast majority of earnings from each field.


What about all the others? The ones who actually need the representation but don’t have it--yet, the young emerging stars of today who are creative, talented, and generally extremely active on social media.

Crossover opportunities have become key


Sportspersons are modelling, musicians are going into acting while actors are breaking into music, YouTubers are becoming TV presenters, and micro-influencers are becoming celebrities! The list goes on and on; the crossovers are endless. Agencies have started to merge divisions; brands are now hiring micro-influencers for their campaigns, and artists are now referred to as traditional artists! Influencer marketing has won and it’s taken the entire entertainment industry with it…


Influencer marketing has quickly become a billion dollar industry and it’s here to stay and grow. According to Mediakix, it’s estimated to reach a market size of $10 billion by 2020.


Brands need a reason to get involved, and they don’t want to take risks. So with divisions merging, category-defining becoming obsolete, commercial agreements more in-depth, a lot of agencies are quickly becoming out-dated.


Brands demand metrics, accurate ways to gauge whether or not a collaboration, sponsorship, or endorsement is actually viable for them. Sponsorship managers need figures to get those budget requests signed off. Rights holders, brands, and artists now need to be that much more savvy.


Speak the same language


Micro-Influencers can measure their effectiveness to brands and the campaigns they conduct. This can be recorded by their reach, engagement, and level of influence. Each collaboration agreement has KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) set in stone from the very beginning. They speak the same language as the brands.


In today’s marketplace, brands are developing their own in-house teams with the sole purpose of reaching out to micro-influencers, directly through their social media channels. Odds are at the micro-influencer level there’s no agent or managers involved so they’ll more often than not get a direct reply from the actual artist.


Furthermore, smaller brands have not only been able to produce engaging activation campaigns, they’ve been able to measure them accurately whilst avoiding the high agency costs that might have previously prevented their involvement all together.


It’s time to learn from these micro-influencers and start applying it to your own field. Actors, models, athletes, if you’re struggling to secure endorsements and sponsorship deals, it’s time to define your social media strategy, and identify synergies with the brands you want to collaborate with.


An evolving space requires an entirely new platform




We’ve created the perfect platform for emerging artists across all talent industries: Users can display their portfolios, social media feeds, and manage proposals all from one single platform. We then categorise the profiles within our global directory based on total social media following, talent, and location.


Our aim is to empower our artists to be as proactive as they like in promoting their own careers. No limitations. By helping them maximise their influencer marketing potential, we want them to start getting the attention they rightfully deserve from brands.


Typically, artists struggle to pitch brands. Knowing what information to send to a brand can be a daunting task. We’ve created a professional and simple solution. With the click of a button, artists can auto-generate their own media kit (a digital summary of their social media stats, media, and bio). No more bulky emails containing media imagery, and links to social media accounts.


How do we categorise the artists?

We rank and categorise artists combining total social media following from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest and Soundcloud.


Our Categories:

The game's changed for artists & brands!

Brands and agencies of all sizes can access and engage with any of the artists directly. The global directory is equipped with filters so clients can search for artists based not only on their influence level, but their profession, talents, and geographical location. 


Imagine a company/brand is entering a new country, a new market. ArtistsEverywhere® enables them to search for an artist of a particular influence level, and specifically from that target city or country. The artist could be a micro-influencer in a specific field, with a particular talent, which might range from a graffiti artist, to a flamenco dancer, or an emerging junior tennis player who’s starting to turn heads. 


When they need to, our clients can produce the auto-generated media kit at the click of a button and initiate contact to get the ball rolling. There are no agency fees involved as the platform operates using a simple subscription model, keeping the game simple, so both the artist and brand can focus on what’s really important.


Profiles can be managed by the artist, brand, manager, and/or agent.